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MJDSBL 2015 Playoff Schedule


Boys JV League   6th  Grade

 Game A:          Seed # 4   HALB          at     Seed # 1 NSHA (W)                    Sun      3/1/2015         2:30pm

Game B:          Seed # 3   HAFTR        at     Seed # 2 FLAT                             Mon      3/9/2015         6:30pm


Game C:          CHAMPIONSHIP  GAME:        NSHA vs. Winner Game A     TBD



 Boys 7th Grade League


GAME D:         Seed  # 4 HALB           at         Seed  # 1 HAFTR (W)             Sat       2/28/2015       8:15pm

GAME E:          Seed  # 3 FLAT            at         Seed  # 2 MDY            (W)                  Sun      3/1/2015         7:00pm


GAME F:          CHAMPIONSHIP GAME:         HAFTR vs. MDY                      TBD



Boys Varsity League


Game G:         #4 East  YHT               at         #1 East  HAFTR                       Mon     3/2/2015         8:00pm

Game H:         #3 East  HALB                       at         #2 East NSHA  (W)                                 Mon     3/2/2015         8:00pm

Game I:           #3 West  Barkai          at         #2 West  MDY                                    Sun      3/8/2015         2:30pm

Game J:           #2 East NSHA         at         #1 West FLAT                         Thur 3/12/2015 7:30pm                 

Game K:          East Lowest Remaining Seed             at         West Highest Remaining Seed          TBD

Game L:          West Lowest Remaining Seed           at         East Highest Remaining Seed                        TBD

Game M:         Winners in CHAMPIONSHIP  GAME                                                                           TBD




Girls Varsity League


Game N:         Seed #4 FLAT              at         Seed #1  YHT (W)                   Wed    2/25/2015       7:00pm

Game O:         Seed #3 HAFTR           at         Seed #2  NSHA (W)                Thur     2/26/2015       7:00pm           


Game P:          CHAMPIONSHIP GAME:         YHT vs. NSHA                         TBD




Women  Only  League


Game Q:         Seed  # 4         MDY    at         Seed  # 1         HALB (W)        Thur     2/26/2015       7:00pm           

Game R:          Seed  # 3         Barkai at         Seed  # 2         YNJ                  Mon     3/9/2015         7:00pm


Game S:          CHAMPIONSHIP  GAME:   HALB vs. Winner Game R              TBD


All teams with a BETTER than .500 record are eligible for the playoffs.  

Every team must play at least one playoff game before the championship game in their division.  There are no "bye"s to the championship game.  

As per MJDSBL rule #31, all coaches are expected to make themselves totally available during the playoff period.  No postponements or delays will be granted for inability to play during this time (NO EXCEPTIONS).  This includes vacations, business trips, bar mitzvahs, etc.  

The playoffs will begin the week of February 23, 2015 and continue through the month of March.  All first round playoff games must played on or before Sunday, Match 1, 2015.  Home teams (higher seed) will be responsible for scheduling of playoff games, Scheduled games must be called in to David Wyszkowski.   Do not text or email.

Girls Sixth Grade 
Makeup Schedule:

Tues 2/17/15  YHT@Flatbush    6:15

Thur 2/19/15  RPRY@Flatbush  6:15

01-26-15All games in all divisions of the MJDSBL are cancelled for Monday 1/26/2015.
01-25-15Inclement weather is scheduled for the tri-state area for Monday and Tuesday.  Any game cancellations must be CALLED IN to David Wyszkowski ASAP.  
Current Standings
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Division 2HAFTR9 - 1.900
MDY8 - 2.800
FLAT4 - 6.400
HALB3 - 7.300
NSHA1 - 9.100